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Shawn Geagan

Carson and I met in 1993 in Atlanta on a golf course. We had many great moments over the years playing the game we both loved but this is without a doubt my favorite:

The day was November 27, 2003, Thanksgiving day. We were vacationing in Cabo San Lucas and it was our last day to play golf before we had to head home. For our last round we picked The Ocean Course at Cabo Del Sol.

The Ocean Course (as described perfectly on the their website) A Jack Nicklaus Signature design ranked among the "Top 100 Courses in the World" by Golf Magazine. With seven holes on the coastline, this masterpiece is commonly called "the Pebble Beach of Baja." www.cabodelsol.com

I started the day off on fire and by the sixth hole I had Carson down three or four holes on our main bet and up on a couple other side bets. Carson loved to come up with different ways to bet on the golf course; 3 hole tournaments, Longest Drive. etc. So when we pulled up to the 7th Tee he of course decided it was time to press the bet. I feeling really good at this point welcomed the press since I was up. How could you not want to up the bet on this hole?

Par 3 - 137 yards

I was the first to tee off and I hit a perfect shot right at the flag. I couldn't see how close I was because the hole sat behind a slight ridge in the middle of the green. Of course it was time to celebrate and Carson got the picture.

Carson walked up to the tee and took his practice swings.

He proceeded to hit the exact same shot I just hit, right at the pin and the distance looked great. We quickly got in our cart to drive up to the green to see how close we were to the pin. When we arrived at the green we only saw one ball, about a foot behind the hole. We quickly looked at each other with that "could it actually be in the hole look" and a split second later Carson was running to hole. I got out of the cart and slowly walked over because I knew that his ball actually looked closer off of the tee. Ah who am I kidding, I wanted to him to find my ball in hole.

It was of course his and we began to run on the green to celebrate his first hole-in-one on the perfect hole to do it. He was so excited, he kept yelling hole-in-one and screaming as loud as he could. It was an incredible moment and I was so happy I was there to experience it. Use the link below to view the video of Carson pulling his ball out of the hole and celebrating like only Carson could do.
view video clip (parental discretion is advised)

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