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The thing I can remember most about Carson was the way he interacted with people. It didn't matter if you were a long time friend or he had just met you, he would talk to you like you were his best friend. He was always interested in what you were doing or what you had going on in your life. He had an amazing way with people, its what made him Carson.

Shawn Geagan

The profound loss of Carson's light in our lives is beyond measure. He is forever in our hearts, imprinted on our souls. He was a man full of love and laughter, kindness and inspiration. His was not a mind that any observer could have deemed troubled or wounded until his very last days. His illness was swift and insidious and then, suddenly, he was lost to us.

There is so much about mental illness that doctors and lay people still don't understand or fail to recognize. There is a great deal of work to be done and often times, we don't address this need until we are personally devastated by its wake. It is my hope that Carson's unique and brilliant light will continue to emanate through the work of this foundation.

Heather Spencer

It was over tall coffee drinks at the Breckenridge house that C.J. unveiled his idea. Antler lamps. I would find the antlers, make the lamps and then we'd rent a big U-Haul truck, fill it with antler lamps and drive all over the Colorado mountains on selling trips twice a year. Somehow I'm sure there would have been golf, skiing, and some beer drinking thrown into these "business" trips. Carson had the business logistics figured out and every question asked was answered with impressive knowledge and vision.

Though Carson never got to see a lamp completed, my first lamp made with three mule deer antlers is dedicated to Carson, his zest for life, humor and contagious enthusiasm.

Dan "Chet" Hinds

Sustaining a Passion for Life
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