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Monday, November 16, 2015

4:00 - 6:00 pm


The Unreasonable Institute

1801 13th Street #150

Boulder, CO

The entrepreneur community is amazing for many reasons – the creativity, risk taking tolerance, boldness, and high energy exhibited by entrepreneurs is inspiring.  And while successful start-ups tend to be well publicized and celebrated, there is a down side for many people within this community. Due to the way we work and how our brains are wired, entrepreneurs are at heightened risk for mental health challenges like depression and anxiety.  For an entrepreneur whose business fails, the fall is often great and can be exacerbated because we frequently work alone. According to a recent study published in Examiner.com (September 16), 49% of entrepreneurs reported having a mental health condition, more than double the general population in the U.S.  Many CEOs experiencing depression often do so in isolation for fear that their image with funders will be compromised; this shame tends to lead to increased mental health problems.

This past spring, Forbes highlighted these issues by talking about the psychological prices entrepreneurs pay with the “time is money” mentality.  Sleep deprivation, relationship sacrifices, lack of self-care and addiction commonly result.


Add to this concern the fact that Colorado is a state consistently ranked in the top 10 for highest suicide rates.  In our healthy, beautiful, entrepreneurial state, suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among youth, young adults and men ages 25-54.


The conversation about mental health and suicide within the entrepreneur community must be brought out of the shadows.



1801 13th Street #150 (First Floor)

Boulder, CO

Please RSVP by November 8, 2015

to Emily Alvarez at Emily@CarsonJSpencer.org