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Fall 2005

Our first grant was awarded to:
Second Wind Fund

The Second Wind Fund is a teen suicide prevention fund. When a school counselor deems a student at-risk for suicide and the student has inadequate mental health insurance, Second Wind pays licensed, private therapists, experts in working with teens at-risk for suicide and working at reduced rates, to provide emergency counseling services for the student.

They used our grant to expand their program into Adams County, the county where Carson lived with his family. This initiative was particularly meaningful to us because not only do they provide a unique and useful service to at-risk youth in Colorado, the help the un- and under-insured, a goal that Carson also shared.

At the 5th Annual Second Wind Fund Walk/Run/Ride, on Sunday, September 24th, a record-breaking crowd came in support of youth suicide prevention. With high but reflective spirits, approximately 1,900 people were on hand to witness a commemorative dove release, gather information about suicide prevention and mental health in general, and hear local leaders speak to the topic of suicide prevention.

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