2009 Shining Lights of Hope Award

The 2009 SLOH Award was presented to Major General Mark Graham and his wife, Carol.

Army Major General Mark Graham lost two sons who were serving in the military. In 2003, Graham's 21-year-old son Kevin, a top ROTC cadet at the University of Kentucky, hanged himself after battling depression. Less than a year later, 23-year-old Jeff died when a roadside bomb exploded in Iraq.

Since Kevin’s suicide, the Grahams have made it a mission to try to develop programs to try to prevent suicide, especially in the military.

Carol Graham flew in from Atlanta, GA to accept the award.

The Grahams

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2008 Shining Lights of Hope Award

The 2008 award was given to the team that runs the Yellow Ribbon Organization, Dar and Dale Emme and their daughter, Becca. The organization was founded in memory of Becca's brother, Mike Emme. Yellow Ribbon is an international organization which is a community-based program that empowers and educates professionals, adults and youth.
Yellow Ribbon award 2008

Photo of Dar, Becca and Dale Emme after being presented the award by CJSF Executive Director, Dr. Sally Spencer-Thomas.

2007 Shining Lights of Hope Award

In 2007 the SLOH award went to a team from the Colorado legislature, Deb Stafford and Moe Keller who pushed forward the the recent Senate Bill 36 signed by Governor Ritter to make coverage of mental disorders mandatory.

The law expands the number of mental health disorders covered to additional diagnoses including: eating disorders, substance abuse, post-traumatic stress disorders and more. Senate Bill 36’s sponsors Senator Moe Keller and Representative Debbie Stafford will be honored during the evening for their efforts to shine a light on mental health advocacy.

Keller and Stafford

Senator Moe Keller and Representative Deb Stafford

Shooting Star Awards

The 2009 Shooting Star Award was presented to Cactus Marketing Communications who worked with our foundation and the Office of Suicide Prevention on a "Men and Depression" campaign.


Cactus Marketing logo


The 2008 Shooting Star Award was presented to Denver Film and Digital who created a video which is part of our Working Minds program.

Denver Film and Digital


2009 Volunteer Award

The 2009 Volunteer Award was presented to Laurel Sawyer - our computer guru


Laurel Sawyer

Previous Volunteer Award Winners

The 2008 Volunteer Award was presented to Drew Anneberg our graphics star

The 2007 Volunteer Award was presented to Bobbi Reed our organizing star