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2015 is a landmark year for the Carson J Spencer Foundation. This year, we celebrate our 10th anniversary! Your support over the past decade has positioned CJSF as a leader in innovative suicide prevention. One of our most groundbreaking initiatives is our youth entrepreneurship FIRE Within program. The FIRE Within is a unique opportunity for high school students to significantly impact their school and community by creating sustainable, revenue generating businesses that directly address root causes of mental health distress and promote suicide prevention.

“When I started in the FIRE Within program, I had no business experience and no understanding of how I could be a part of preventing suicide among my friends and peers. I didn’t even really understand what a big issue it was! I knew some of my friends were struggling, but I did not know how to talk to them. Through the FIRE Within, I was able to talk to the friends that I was worried about, and they found help. The impact I saw the program have on my peers was pretty amazing—we built a business on our own and learned how to use our own experience to develop a way to educate other in the community about an important cause no one really touches on. It isn’t always easy figuring out how to cope with it on your own! It was amazing to see the difference that a group of teenagers really could make. In addition to making a social impact, our business gave me the opportunity to lead an organization as a CEO while I was still in high school!! FIRE Within gave me a head start on succeeding after graduation. I learned how to create a business from the ground up, write a business plan and even create my own resume.”

– 2104-2015 FIRE Within student, George Washington High School

Over six hundred Colorado students participate in the FIRE Within each year, and our studies show that on average each student connects with one hundred additional individuals about their business and message of hope. The program is currently provided free of charge to schools to allow all youth to participate in this life-changing experience regardless of income level or available resources. Please consider helping up continue providing this opportunity by “Sponsoring a Student” for the upcoming school year. Your sponsorship will cover academic materials and program costs for one student for the full academic year. For just $20 per month, you can forever impact the future of an entrepreneurial high school student, and make a difference to an entire community.

Your support during the 2015/2016 school year will go twice as far. Thanks to a generous gift from the Alice Lawrence Foundation, the first $5,000 raised through the Sponsor a Student campaign will be matched dollar-for-dollar, ensuring a second student will also benefit from your generosity.

Thank you for supporting our youth and developing the leaders of our future!


Sally Spencer-Thomas, Psy.D CEO & Co-Founder

Carson J Spencer Foundation

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