Welcome to the Carson J Spencer Foundation’s iCare for Schools page.

Chances are that you’re here because your school has experienced a loss, most likely by suicide. When these things happen, it’s easy to find yourself and your staff overwhelmed and scrambling to decide what comes next.

First, let us thank you for making it this far. We at CJSF understand how hard suicide loss can be, as well as what kinds of ripple effects you can expect from this. We have done our very best to help make these next steps as easy and painless as possible.

We’ve created a road map for informing students, staff and parents, as well as provide you with strategies and resources to provide help to those who need it, control the conversation around this loss and suicide as a whole, help assist staff in self-care, and return the environment to normalcy. It all seems so daunting now, but with the right guidance, we hope that you will find some comfort here.

Our postvention road map starts here, by asking you who exactly you have lost in your community. Click the button that best represents your situation.

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